The Crew 2 Gameplay Footage of Grand Prix Racing Looks Fantastic

Hug the Turn and Feel the Speed in Our The Crew 2 Gameplay Footage of Grand Prix Racing

Sometimes in between those blood fests of mowing down zombies, hitting a home run, or saving the princess, you just need to drive. There is something oddly relaxing about going unnecessarily fast and hitting just the right spot in the turn to coast through a corner and blast past the other drivers. There are games to race dirt bikes, street racing, even futuristic hover car racing. Ubisoft’s The Crew 2, the sequel to their successful 2014 street racing game, takes the concept to a whole new level. With true ambition in their eyes, Ubisoft has created a game that is entirely open world and give’s you more options for competitive racing than you may know what to do with. You may be thinking that is a pretty big promise for Ubisoft to deliver, but check out our unedited gameplay footage below where we try out the Grand Prix Racing and get a taste of what The Crew 2 has to offer.

The Crew 2 steps up its game with an unbelievable open world to explore across a variety of vehicle types for racing in the United States. The game will be heavily multiplayer but still offer offline modes as well. Players will take on the role of a nameless driver looking to work his way up the ranks of competitive racing. They will also be able to switch between land, sea, and air racing instantaneously, in which every vehicle type will have its own play-style as well as customization options.

the crew 2 top screen

The Crew 2 is set for release on March 16th of next year and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.