Call of Duty: WW2 is Relentless and Insanely Gory in First 36 Minutes of Single Player Video

We Play The First Mission in Call of Duty: WW2 

The single-player campaign is many folks first stop whenever they load up a new Call of Duty game. The story in Call of Duty: WW2 takes a similar approach to other big screen World War stories. You play the role of Private Ronald “Red” Daniels. He is a young soldier, part of a close-knit division thrust into a horrific war well before any of them ready. The campaign drops you onto the beaches of Normandy where you are greeted with a barrage of bullets whizzing by your head and you’ll follow it up with a treacherous journey across Europe. Meanwhile, you are wrestling with some of your own personal demons and trying to deal with your Sergeant who has become unhinged.

Check out the first 36-minutes of the game in this raw video taken directly from a review event we attended in San Francisco last month.

The campaign will have you battling in famous WW2 skirmishes such as the Liberation of Paris and Battle of the Bulge. There are some slick stealth sequences and one very memorable one that takes place in Paris. In addition to the relentless gun battles, we engaged in aerial dogfights, tank battles and manning anti-aircraft cannons.

The single player accurately captured the sheer brutality of the war. Not to mention, we died, a lot! Yes, WW2’s campaign is a challenging one and much of that has to do with managing your health. This Call of Duty doesn’t have regenerating health so it’s critical you stay close to your medic during battle so that he tosses you a health pack in a time of need. The new health system adds a layer of strategy to the campaign that we certainly appreciated.

Call of Duty WW2 launches tomorrow!