Top 5 Reasons You Should Wait to Buy an Xbox One X

5 Reasons You May Want to Hold Off on Buying Xbox One X

With the recent announcement the Xbox One X  will be available for pre-order starting this Sunday, August 20th, many people will be lining up to get a crack at the newest console from Microsoft. While it’s marketed as the most powerful system on the market, and the hardware is certainly impressive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right time to buy one. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons you should wait to purchase an Xbox One X.

Xbox One X console
5) 4K Support

Okay, I’m not saying that the reason not to pick up an Xbox One X right now is because it supports 4K resolution. That would be silly. I am; however, saying that when upgrading to the Xbox One X, you’ll want to own a decent 4K TV. Do you need a 4K TV in order to play the Xbox One X? Absolutely not, but considering the hardware will use super sampling to detect the resolution of your TV and adjust accordingly, this means that a 4K game will downscale to 1080p if the TV doesn’t support 4K. Which in turn means that while players will be able to experience visual enhancements, they will not be able to actually play in 4K. It’s going to make it impossible to truly see the 4K improvements made to the games without a TV that supports them. If one of your reasons for wanting to pick up the newest Xbox console is because you want the best of the best, shouldn’t the same be said for the TV it runs on?

4) Bugs/Glitches With the Software

As with any hardware launch, there are bound to be some glitches and bugs that will be fixed in the next batch of systems. Remember the red ring of death that plagued the early models of the Xbox 360? Or the ‘yellow ring of death’ that were problematic for the first edition of the PlayStation 3? Or if that’s not recent enough, what about the annoying freezing and random reboots of the PlayStation 4, or the inability to read Xbox One discs? It is very likely that there will be some sort of hardware issues in the first generation of the Xbox One X that need to be smoothed out, and if not, it is just as likely that the software could hold bugs and glitches as well. You might just want to wait to pick up the latest Xbox console, at least until the second generation of consoles have fixed the problems at launch. At the very least, it’s usually the best policy to err on the side of caution with new technology.

Click here to find out the last three reasons you might want to wait before pulling the trigger on the Xbox One X.

  • Ben Reed

    This is a terrible and misleading article, no wonder no body was willing to put their name to it.


      *nobody? Look left….

      How so? It is merely suggested you may want to wait a hold off on purchasing right away.

      • Ben Reed

        Oh, i could go on and on. But then I’d have to start writing notes.
        Point five is moot, basically do you already have a 4k TV or can you afford to buy one?
        Point four is invalid, failure rates for modern consoles is pretty low and covered by warranty. If you worried about things like this, then you would never buy anything……

      • Ben Reed

        Point 3, Xbox one s and PS4 slim are comparable, as are Xbox one X and PS4 pro. I’d imagine anyone willing to pay $500 for a one X, is more than likely upgrading from a one S.
        Point 2, as above really, if you have $500 and a decent 4k TV and you want the best possible performance, then go for it.
        Point 1, there are no Xbox one X exclusives. All Xbox games are compatible across all Xbox family of devices, and many also are on PC.
        The lack of exclusives across the board are worrying, and Sony has a massive advantage in this regard.
        My honest opinion, is most people would be happier with a PS4 pro if gaming on a 4k TV is the aim.
        And I would probably wait on the Xbox one X, to see how deeply developers are going to support the new hardware, ie will games run better on it rather than PS4 pro.

        VR support is also a small consideration I suppose.

        • MRBIGCAT

          Thanks for the comments Ben! I am likely a day one buyer but completely understand why some will hold off. In many ways, I think it’s a wise move.

          • Ben Reed

            Oh, there are many reasons to hold off. I just don’t think this article actually presents any of these. Or at least not clearly without conflicting information.
            Me myself, I have the preorder tab already open for Amazon. But have considered moving to PlayStation for the 4k revolution. It all seems like I may have been backing the wrong horse all along. I guess only time will tell.

          • Erin S

            Thanks for the comments Ben, although I’d like to clarify some of my points within the article if I haven’t been clear.
            Point 5- Microsoft has been marketing the 4K capabilities of the Xbox One X like crazy, however for those of us that don’t have a 4K TV, there is no point picking one up until we have one because the advertised 4K capabilities will come across as an enhanced 1080p resolution. Not worth the money that way from day one is it?

            Point 4- While I admit this is not the biggest concern for some people, I have never purchased a system on day one. I like to wait for the original problems to be resolved, instead of having to deal with Microsoft and warranty replacement etc. Not to mention that not everyone purchases extended warranty, and by the time these things happen, it’s too late for warranty. On top of this, warranty won’t fix small software glitches like the freezing and network issues of the PS4. It’s more of an annoyance more than anything else.

            Point 3- There is no reason to buy an Xbox One X at the current price if you already have a system with 4K capabilities and in the case of the Xbox One S, all of the same games.

            Point 2- If you have $500 and are a hardcore gamer looking to get the latest hardware, sure get the Xbox One X, otherwise wait. If you already have a good system, there is no need to jump on the Xbox One X right away.

            Because….point 1- there are NO Xbox One exclusive titles at all on day one. All of the games are available on other systems, and none are native to the Xbox One X. The only title that would be launched exclusively as an exclusive for Microsoft at launch day has been delayed (Crackdown).

            I’m not saying don’t pick up an Xbox One X, but I am saying it’ll be better worth the money come next year when there are a lot more games native to the system, and hopefully a price drop or a good bundle deal. For everyone who is set to pre-order the Xbox One X, there isn’t anything that will change your mind because 1) you can afford it and 2) you want it regardless of the reasons you should wait :p

          • NC2222

            What sold me on the Xbox One X, and why I cancelled my PS4 Pro order: All Xbox One information carries over, and the backwards compatible games will be unconverted to the highest resolution possible. That’s all. I don’t care about anything else.

            I guess if someone doesn’t have a 4K tv, then this article is for them. A lot of people have 4K tvs now and we’ve been waiting for something that was built for them.

          • Erin S

            I don’t think as many people as you might think do have 4K TVs, but you’re right, for everyone who does, the 1st point of the article won’t apply. As for the backwards compatibility, with the exception of the original Xbox, you will be able to play all other games on the Xbox one S. Really, it’s just an expensive upgrade for something the previous generation can do.

        • gman

          All multiplats will look better on the X1X so I’m not concerned about exclusives. I have a PS4 pro and can tell you that there’s very very little difference between that and the original PS4.

          • Ben Reed

            Should look better, there is no guarantee of this. But I am hopeful.

  • gman

    Bad advice from a sony fanboy trying to slow Xbox One X sales. I will buy one day one

    • Ben Reed

      Are you referring to me? I don’t own a PS, and you would have known this had you read my comments.

      • gman

        Did you write this article?

    • Erin S

      I’m not trying to slow down Xbox One X sales, I’m just trying to show why it might be better to wait to pick one up, and when it will feel a lot more ‘worth it’ for anyone who’s not a hardcore Xbox fan wanting the latest tech.

      • gman

        The X1X is for the die hard Xbox fans and and performance enthusiasts anyway. I’m sure your 5 reasons for getting a X1X day one will be an eye catching article.

      • Allfor1

        With your logic, anyone who bought or buys a PS4 pro is a moron if they dont have a 4k tv and should have waited till ps5? This article is a PONY SHOW plain and simple.

        • Erin S

          The PS4 Pro isn’t $500, has a large library of games, and the bugs and glitches have been worked out. $275 sounds a lot better than $500 right now for a 4K console. But you’re right, a 4K system will never look as good on a 1080p TV.

          • BillyHoWCR

            PS4 Pro is MSRP $399. Regardless of what deal/sale price you might get from a supplier. $100 cheaper for an inferior system. XB1X plays ALL games better regardless of 4K or not. So not having a 4K TV you would still see a much better experience on XB1X than PS4 Pro.

            And XB1X 4K games will be down sampled to 1080P from 4K if you don’t have a 4K capable TV, which is a much better experience.

            If price is a factor then no reason to puchase PS4 Pro over XB1S at $150 less than PS4 Pro. And no unless you are trying to find a reduced system price the MSRP for both PS4 Pro and XB1S show the cost coming out to $650. $150 more than MSRP of XB1X.

            You mention reason 3 and 2 as both Price basically, and also seam to think that XB1X is a different generation system than XB1… it is not. Both PS4 Pro and XB1X are both within the same ecosystem as their current Gen systems. And each shares their complete library of games which makes your #1 reason as being yet another petty attempt to downplay the numerous games that are already available to play. And FYI, the number of XB1X games that take advantage of its power are much greater already than PS4 Pro games that take advantage of its power.

            The idea bugs and glitches are worked out for PS4 Pro when each successive software update presents new issues to work around is laughable. Each system will have minor issues but the likelihood any system will have a major issue in the 3rd Spec update of a current Generation system line-up is ridiculous. Both MS and Sony have learned from past issues and likely chance of any such major issue is negligible.

  • Allfor1

    Pre ordering the Scorpio. Done

  • Aaron Lindsay

    “At the time of launch, there are no games only available on the Xbox One X. ”

    According to Phil Spencer, Xbox One X won’t have any exclusives. It’s not a new gen. It’s simply another hardware refresh.

  • SorrowW0lf

    Um, so because Forza 7 releases before the Xbox One X, it doesn’t count as a game that takes advantage? So it being 4k 60fps, should just be ignored?

    And I think you are underestimating the number of consumers that have a 4k, or are in the market for one. My local Wal-Mart is only selling 2 1080p tvs out of 14. The other 12 are 4k. Not to mention that last year, sources say the roughly 11% of people who bought a new tv, bought a 4k. This year they are thinking it will be closer to 22% to 33%, upgrading to 4k, so that will be just under half of US tv sales over 2 years. And in my experience, gamers are often early adopters of new tech, especially tv’s, and monitors.

    Finally, for all those with a Xbox 1S, can trade it in and upgrade their gaming hardware to the currently most powerful console on the market, for $350. Seems like a decent deal to me.

  • Clarence Flinn

    From what I’m hearing (from every person that has made a comment) from Microsoft, there will be no games released for XBOX ONE X that is not playable on any of the XBOX ONE family. Where people are getting information that argues this, because its not from anyone that knows what they are talking about.