Top 10 Games of Last Generation Countdown – Number 9

Top 10 of Last Generation #9

We’re into day two of our ten-day countdown of the best games from last generation and if you’re just joining us now don’t forget to jump into checking out the ‘Number 10‘ selections first.

Gaming has come a long way since the days of the Commodore 64, the Colecovision, the NES and the Dreamcast. If you grew up playing games from these generations long passed you likely feel an overwhelming strike of nostalgia when you think back to them. For a whole new generation, they’re able to look back on the games from last generation with a certain amount of reverence and we thought it would be fun to get some of the COGconnected team on board for their own top ten of last gen. 12 members of COGconnected assembled all their top ten games from the era of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Wii. We’re counting them all down and today we dive into number 9! See who you match up with in the great Top 10 of Last Gen Countdown!


Shawn Petraschuk (Executive Editor) – Dragon Age: Origins

Hands down, Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best western RPGs ever created. I had an affinity for games like Baldur’s GatePlanescape: Torment and the like so when DA: Origins was released it ate up my life. I didn’t miss a thing in this game completing multiple playthroughs and finishing every piece of DLC to completion as well. Bioware outdid themselves with this game and if they hadn’t done so already (they did) they locked me in as a lifetime fan of their work.

Top 10 Last Generation Dragon Age Origins


Trevor Houston (Executive Editor) – Halo 3

We had a ton of fun playing those Halo LAN parties back in the day, but Halo 3 effectively eliminated the desire or need to get together at someone’s house to play Halo. Halo 3 was a fantastic Xbox 360 game featuring rock solid gameplay, immense replayability, silky smooth matchmaking and amazing production values. All of this adds up to a game that locks itself in as one of the greats in video game history.

Top 10 Last Generation Halo 3


Paul Sullivan (Content and Video Editor) – Fallout: New Vegas

Obsidian’s Fallout entry was far more innovative than Bethesda’s last gen, with the witty writing and cool factions holding up super well even today. A shame they didn’t actually get to finish it.

fallout new vegas-min

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