The Big 5 – The Five Biggest Games of September 2016

The Big 5 for September 2016; Here Comes the Games!

We did it! We survived the summer drought and now all is as it should be. The kids are back in school (sorry kids), the leaves are starting to turn, and the onslaught of games leading up to the holiday has begun! Last month was actually surprisingly good considering August can be a very dry month for games. Not so bad this year as we featured games across almost all platforms for the Big 5. First up was the release of Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the 3DS followed up by Attack on Titan. We also saw the debut of Batman: The Telltale SeriesMadden NFL 17, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and arguably the biggest (and most controversial) game of the month, No Man’s Sky. We shone a light on ABZU in our Indie Spotlight as well.

This month we have a big list of games on the horizon. Big enough that five isn’t enough for this month’s Big 5. We may have to go bigger! This month we’ve got five games, a couple special mentions and a highly anticipated game in the Indie Spotlight. It’s a bit sports heavy this month but as you all know we’re on the slow climb to the holiday season. Look for October to really shine. Let’s get started, shall we?



NHL 17 – EA Sports – Sept 13 (Multiplatform)

Lace up your skates for the latest entry in the NHL franchise. Believe it or not, NHL 17 is the 26th entry in the NHL series and this year the cover is graced by St. Louis Blues forward, Vladimir Tarasenko. As always there are a host of improvements, many of them based on player feedback. One of the new modes this year sees ‘Be a GM’ changed to ‘Franchise Mode’. In ‘Franchise Mode’ you go one step further to become the team’s official owner. Relocate the team, build a new stadium, and rebuild your dynasty. Wind up that slapshot on Sept. 13th!

NHL 17 Vladimir Tarasenko


FIFA 17 – EA Sports – Sept 27 (Multiplatform)

From lacing skates to lacing up your cleats, it’s FIFA 17. The beautiful game prepares to debut its 2017 edition this Sept 27 and this year brings the Frostbite Engine to the series. Play through the league modes or take ‘The Journey’ which tells the story of Alex Hunter and his rise through the Premier League. Gracing the cover this year is German striker, best known for his versatility and crazy speed, Marco Reus.

FIFA 17 Screen

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