10 Games We Would Love to See Get PC Ports

In the past year it seems like Japanese publishers finally understand the importance of the PC market. Games such as Valkyria Chronicles and Dragon’s Dogma have seen successful ports to PC years after they released. That has gotten us thinking over at COGconnected, and we’ve come up with a list of 10 games we would love to see get PC ports.

These range from niche games that could have a shot at finding a bigger audience on PC to some of the biggest franchises in gaming. There’s a lot of different reasons why a PC release could be a smart move, and it’s why we’re seeing more support for the platform than ever before.

Now without further adieu, let’s get onto our list:


While not a ton of players played Shinji Mikami’s Vanquish, those that did swear by the third-person shooter. The innovative Sega title was praised for its fast-paced action, and fun combat. Flying in the face of the myth that action games need to be 30 frames-per-second to be fun, Vanquish was a delight to play on consoles.

That being said, it’s hard to not get excited about a version of the PlatinumGames developed title running at 60 FPS. A PC port could not only open up the game to a ton of new players, but also give gamers the ultimate Vanquish experience.

screen1 (800x477)

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain presumably wrapping up one of the greatest gaming series of all time, we’d love a chance to revisit one of the best entries in the series. Sadly, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the hardest title to replay, as it’s only available on PlayStation 3. A PC release (and a current-gen console port) would allow gamers who just got into Metal Gear Solid this past year a way to experience the whole story without purchasing another console.

Bringing Solid Snake’s last adventure would be a great way to win Konami back some positive press, and who wouldn’t want to see Gekko units at a higher resolution? Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots features many of the most memorable moments in the entire series, so it’d be a shame for them to not be easily accessible to gamers.

Guns of the Patriots

Yakuza Series

If any series is screaming for a PC release it’s Yakuza. Sega’s open-world games are popular in Japan, but cater to a niche console audience in North America. A PC release of the series, including the rarity that is Yakuza 2, would help get a lot of new gamers into the series.

This would be great to see, as way more people should be playing the recently released (and excellent) Yakuza 5. The series offers up some of the most unique characters, and story elements in all of gaming. Not to mention that it’s attention to detail is second to none.

Yakuza 5

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  • Jarkko

    Well, these games are not made by sony so they are not their games.

  • Jarkko

    Gaming pcs are far more powerful than ps4. Ps 4 in comparison to gaming rigs is a medium, relatively old pc. The only reason there aren’t many games on pc that look as good as the ps 4 exclusives, is because most games are made for the consoles in mind with their limitations. PC version usually gets the higher resolution and better frame rate with some extra things, but nothing much more than that. Since the ps4 exclusives are not made for pc, and usually look better than multiplatform games due to ps4’s superior hardware to bone, they have advantage. but crysis 3 with ultra settings would not run on ps 4 and if an y of the ps 4 exclusives were released for pc, they would not only have extra graphical additions there, they could run in higher resolution and with 60 fps. Crysis was released in 2007, yet it was not possible to run it on ps3/xbox360 even with the lowest of the pc settings. The later port was reduced lower than the lowest pc settings in graphics, same was with crysis 2 and 3.In fact, crysis 3 ACCORDING TO CRYETEC would njot run on ps4 on the ultra settings. I have played it on that setting and it looks better than anything we have seen coming for the ps4 and this game is 2013 game.

  • Carbon Based Killer Bee

    Great deal of Sega love going on here, and I couldn’t agree more. Virtua Fighter definitely needs a sturdier platform to get the love it deserves, and it would be excellent to see the entirety of the Yakuza series primed for the PC. And being one who’s in love with Platinum Games, I’m straight up feeling a kinship with whoever wrote this article. It would also be great to finally see Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and MGS4 running at 60fps – bare minimum – for once.

  • Carbon Based Killer Bee

    Necessary Ports:
    -Virtual On
    -Shenmue 1/2
    -Dynamite Cop
    -Max Anarchy
    -God Hand
    -MGS 1/2/3
    -Onimusha 1/2/3
    -Viewtiful Joe 1/2
    -the original DMC
    -SMT/Persona series
    -Metal Wolf Chaos
    -Zone of the Enders 1/2
    -Nier/Drakengard 1/2/3

    I’d also add a metric ton of 5th gen RPG’s, but then I’d be here all day.

    • Carbon Based Killer Bee

      Oh, right, both Power Stones and every Panzer Dragoon, as well.