Overwatch Team Sends Package to Fan Who Suffered Family Tragedy

A Heartfelt Care Package From Blizzard to a D.Va Fan

Beneath all the talent we witness from the other side of the screen, it’s easy to forget that game devs may be some of the most fantastic humans beings. Recently, the Overwatch team at Blizzard received a heartfelt letter from a fan, thanking them for the joy their game brought. Specifically, the letter detailed the amount of therapeutic support Overwatch gave to the writer’s girlfriend who lost her father. As it turns out, the studio was willing to take that support a step further.

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Blizzard consequently reached out to the man who wrote the letter, Frederick. Apparently, his girlfriend is a big D.Va fan, and when they asked for her shirt size, he thought he knew what to expect. Nope. What they received was a glamourous care package. Here’s Frederick’s account:

“A few months ago I contacted Blizzard thanking them for such an incredible and enjoyable game. My girlfriend’s father recently passed away, and Overwatch was something we could play to make her happy and feel like a hero, so seeing how much fun I had with her and how much it helped, I thought I’d let the OW team know how much I appreciated all they did, from the game to the lore, voice actors and ARGs! Albert, a community manager for Overwatch, got in touch with me a day after I sent it, saying he had seen my letter and wanted to send something my way for her. He asked for her shirt size, so really I was expecting just a cute T-Shirt of D.Va, her favorite character. I was wrong. So so wrong.”

Instead, Frederick and his girlfriend received a gigantic box weighing about 7 kilos. What they found inside was a treasure trove of D.Va gear alongside a letter.

Digging into the box, the couple found an official D.Va backpack that looks like supreme quality. In addition, the package came with an incredibly neat pair of headphones, which is a relief since, according to Frederick, his girlfriend’s pair had snapped.

She also received a swell pair of D.Va Funko Pops! To make the gift priceless, one box was signed by the entire Overwatch team.

Everything there is to see, you can find it at Frederick’s Imgur. The folks at Blizzard really went all out with their gift. And this isn’t the first instance of developers showing their fans heartwarming support. A while back, Bethesda delivered a plethora of gifts to a long-time fan who almost got shot. Moments like these are some of the best to discover in the games industry, so I look forward to the day I come across another such account.

Happy gaming.