May’s Free PlayStation Plus Games Come With Beyond: Two Souls

Another Exclusive for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

April turned into a radical month for Sony, thanks to the release of God of War, but until the world stops it’s business as usual. Sony is already prepared for next month, evident through the reveal of their next free games for PS Plus. For starters, we have Beyond: Two Souls.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus subscribers gain access to two PlayStation 4 games at no extra cost. Alongside Beyond: Two Souls, you’re receiving Rayman Legends. Two different genres, both acclaimed IPs. Fitting that Beyond arrives in the month of May, just before the arrival of Detroit: Become Human. Its arrival allows novice players to become acquainted with French developer Quantic Dream.

Of course, if you haven’t played Rayman Legends and happen to be a fan of platforming, then there’s officially no excuse not to pick up and play Ubisoft’s classic. Since it’s still 2018, Sony has not yet to subtract free PlayStation 3 games from its monthly roster. You can find the full list of free PS Plus games for May below:

Hope you haven’t forgotten the free PS Plus games for April. You have until May 1st to download Mad Max and other complimentary PlayStation games:

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog