Fortnite Climbs Past GTA V in Monthly Active Users

The Battle Royale Shooter’s Meteoric Rise Continues

SuperData has released a fresh crop of market research, blessing us with some new statistics on what’s hot and what’s slightly less hot. It appears that GTA V has been surpassed by Fortnite in monthly active users. Given how insanely popular the free-to-play shooter has gotten, this isn’t a huge surprise. One might even suggest that this was merely a matter of time.

GTA Online Introduces Gunrunning

The source in question doesn’t give up any more detailed information, sadly. SuperData is rather guarded about the information they compile. This tidbit is still enough to draw some conclusions about the relative popularity of the two games. GTA V has been online and active for almost five years, enough time to amass a sizable fanbase. Fortnite has been running for less than a year and they’ve shot past GTA’s slowly-assembled player count.

To be fair, the two game are amassing two somewhat different audiences. GTA V doesn’t have that sexy Battle Royale vibe, which is super hot at present. More than anything else, this data showcases just how powerful a draw that Battle Royale formula can be. On the other hand, perhaps once this fad implodes, that dedicated GTA V fanbase will still be around, running heists and causing mayhem.