The Final Fantasy VII Remake Team Is Currently Hiring “Core Members”

Either Square Enix Is Growing Is Barely Getting Started

When it comes to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the news is more scarce than a Charizard under water. However, thanks to the prolific folk over at Kotaku, we now have a rough idea of where the team is in development. According to a new job listing, Square Enix is hiring “core members” for the project.

Dragon Quest Final Fantasy

Since the job is based out of Tokyo, anyone who wants in on this highly anticipated project should brush up on their Japanese skills. As mentioned in the listing, the right candidate will have substantial experience in developing games and will be familiar with Unreal Engine 4. 300,000 yen ($2,817) is the starting monthly salary, and if you specialize in level design and game planning, then you will fit right in. Once this “core team” has been assembled, we can finally look forward to the game several years from now.

In 2017, a studio update indicated that Square Enix had switched from third-party developer CyberConnect to in-house. Therefore, it almost seemed as if the team was starting from scratch. Nearly a year later, we still can’t be sure. But who knows, right? Stay tuned for updates on whether or not the Final Fantasy VII Remake is moving forward at all.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Kotaku