Overwatch’s Year of the Dog Event Is Now Live Offering a Bunch of Crazy Stylish Skins and More

Overwatch’s Year of the Dog Event Is Live with a Bunch of New Content 

Last week Blizzard Entertainment announced that the Lunar New Year Overwatch event would be back in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year. Well, now it’s officially live. And don’t worry, there is ton of loot to earn over the course of event, including new legendary skins, a new map and more!

overwatch lunar event 2018

The latest patch was released yesterday, seeing the launch of this event. This year’s Lunar New Year event is titled “Year of the Dog”, and brings new skins, a new map for Capture the Flag called Ayutthaya, and some big changes to the game mode. These changes to CTF include sudden death mechanics to prevent match draws. Blizzard explains, “If two teams are tied at the end of time, what will happen is, both teams’ flags are moved closer to the center of the map, and then the map resumes at that point. The teams will go for the flag and then they only have a very short distance to cap.”

In addition to this huge change to CTF, Game Director Jeff Kaplan, confirmed that picking up the flag will be instant, and certain moves will be restricted. These include moves that give players invulnerability, like Reaper or Zenyatta, or increased mobility, like Winston or D.Va. If you use these, it will result in a flag drop. And if you enjoy a bit of Overwatch competitive play, fret not, for Competitive CTF is available to play for a chance to unlock special player icons and sprays.

Of course, if one of your favorite parts of any event is earning the new cosmetic events, you’re in luck. There are 50 new season items to earn, including six new legendary skins: Red Phoenix (Zhu Que) for Mercy, Black Tortoise (Xuan Wu) for Zarya, White Tiger (Bai Hu) for Genji, Azure Dragon (Qing Long) for Pharah, Black Lily for Widowmaker and Magistrate for McCree. The Year of the Dog event runs until March 5th, so you’ve got plenty of time to earn them all. You can watch a preview of the skins and other new content below.

What do you think about the new legendary skins? Are you taking part in this latest event? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!