Layoffs Suffered With LawBreakers Publisher Nexon

LawBreakers Publisher Nexon America Suffers Layoffs

Last month, we reported that Nexon America had blamed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for LawBreakers’ failure, and now it appears that the publisher itself has suffered layoffs. However, this time the publisher has not put the blame on anyone else.


A spokesperson from Nexon America in contact with GamesIndustry claims that the layoffs and overall restructure is “unrelated to LawBreakers’ financial performance” and is part of an effort to “streamline operations and reset the organization to pursue a deeper focus on [their] most promising titles.” While initial reports stated that a fifth of Nexon employees were affected by the layoffs, the spokesperson has confirmed that the number put forth was not even close.

While some will undoubtedly want to place the blame on LawBreakers, this is not the case. These occurrences happen both in and outside of the games industry, and can be attributed to a variety of reasons. For those unfamiliar with Nexon, they are also the company behind titles such as MapleStory, Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, Hyper Universe, and Vindictus. We definitely feel for those affected by the layoffs, and hope they land somewhere new soon.

While LawBreakers is not the reason for these layoffs, it is certainly a low point for Nexon as the game was recently found to be empty just last month. While we reviewed the game quite positively, we also thought of “5 Ways Nexon Can Bring Lawbreakers Back From the Dead“.

With Nexon’s latest move acting as a restructure and refocusing on their efforts, we are looking forward to seeing what the publisher’s next moves will be.

Source: GamesIndustry