Get Ready for the Sea of Thieves Scale Stress Test This Weekend

Sea of Thieves Stress Test Only for Xbox Insiders and Closed Beta Participants

Rare has announced the Sea of Thieves Scale Test for this weekend, a two-day stress test for all Xbox Insiders and Closed Beta participants. There will be more stress tests coming between now and its launch on March 20th.

The first scale test starts tomorrow, February 16th at 10 AM GMT (2 AM PST) and concluding on February 18th at 10 AM GMT (2 AM PST). The purpose of scale testing is to test out a lot of the work Rare has done since the Closed Beta. While certainly not as bad as other beta tests, the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta suffered from some technical issues throughout its run like being unable to connect to servers.

Rare is expecting to hit a higher concurrent number of players than the beta. They will be “throttling performance at certain times, testing the game in different data centers around the world, and simulating deliberate outages.” In other words, expect to encounter a lot of issues this weekend. Some issues Rare is expecting to see are interrupted game sessions, an inability to join a game at certain times of the weekend, and issues when using the in-game shops.

Sea of Thieves screenshot 1280x

Rare has confirmed that the stress tests won’t include content that wasn’t already in the beta so that means restricted access to the Gold Hoarders trading company and accompanying voyages.

Rare is also planning to run another beta test closer to launch, one in which “players will get a taste of the wider Sea of Thieves experience,” but for now they’re focusing on scale testing. Be sure to check out our recent hands-on experience with the game.

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