My Nintendo Has Some New Rewards Up For Grabs

Maybe Time To Dust Off That Wii U?

Remember My Nintendo? That service that replaced the other, now defunct Nintendo service wherein you could earn rewards, some of which were actually good? Well, My Nintendo has some new rewards listed! None of them are for the Nintendo Switch just yet, but there’s still a game or two worth checking out.

My Nintendo New Rewards

There’s Mighty Switch Force and Siesta Fiesta for 50 gold coins each on the 3DS, as well as Gunman Clive HD Collection (only 30 coins!) and Year Walk for the Wii U. All you need is the right amount of gold coins on your account and these titles are all yours!

These aren’t the only titles available for the two systems, but they are the newest ones to show up on the rewards page. If you’ve got a hankering for some halfway decent titles, you can’t go wrong with Mighty Switch Force or Gunman Clive. I can’t speak to the quality of the other two, but they’re practically free if you’ve got the gold coins to spare. Fingers crossed that one day soon Nintendo starts putting actual Switch titles up on this service.