Injustice 2 Reveals Enchantress Trailer for Some New Year Butt-Kicking

The Seventh DLC Character in a Huge Roster

We are well into Injustice 2’s post-launch, and it’s no less exciting. For the start of the year, NetherRealm is adding Enchantress to the venerable roster of DC heroes, villains, and strangers. Anyone who purchased the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition will have immediate access starting January 9th.

There have been a total of three DLC packs for the award-winning Injustice 2 (By the way, congratulations to NetherRealm for winning Fighting Game of the Year). All fighters are available in the aforementioned Ultimate Edition. Alternatively, players can purchase the Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack or Fighter Pack 3. Fighter Pack 3 comes with Enchantress, Atom, and The Ninja Turtles (all four of them, apparently). However, if you want to purchase Enchantress as a standalone character, you simply have to wait until January 16th.

Injustice 2. The game has developed a tradition of letting player test their new heroes in the multiverse. Thus, on the day Enchantress is released, you may want to check out the single-player worlds. Then, check back for more updates and details regarding 2017’s best fighting game. Who knows, there might be more surprises in store.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release