Crytek: By Comparison, Xbox One X Performs Like a Standard Gaming PC

Can Xbox One X Play Native 4K or Not? Maybe

We’re at the stage where we’re beating a dead horse, but let’s get to it. Since its arrival as “the world’s most powerful console,” many players, haters, and click-baiters have been critiquing, massaging, praising, or hating the Xbox One X. Now, it looks like Crytek has stepped into the discussion.

Xbox One X console above

While Microsoft has been boasting about the X’s ability to play in true 4K, the PC sphere has been, more or less, hammering at its lackluster design. Certainly, for the price, the console’s ability to play graphically demanding games is impressive. Furthermore, game developers praise the ease with which they can cater to the specs. But, according to an interview with Crytek product manager Collin Bishop by GamingBolt, the Xbox One X is unlikely to play games in native 4K.

The Xbox One X must inevitably suffer a trade-off to play graphically demanding games. Here’s what Bishop had to say: “Shortcuts are a way of life, but if we look at the strategy behind the Xbox, we can see a console that was engineered to tackle specifically 4K gaming. Most games will squeeze every last bit of performance out of the hardware, so I expect trade-offs between optimization and the hardware. Fortunately, the engineers also allowed the developers to access the scaling and checkerboarding rendering to future-proof the console even further.”

Then Bishop compared Xbox One X’s hardware to your high-end gaming PCs, saying, “The Xbox One X is very comparable to the standard gaming PC on the GPU end. It will be on the CPU end that you will find the PC to still be outshining the console. This will always be the scenario given you can trade out and customize the hardware.

“We can look at the AMD Jaguar CPU and how this lines up to the Ryzen line; however, at first glance, we see that the performance is roughly one-third or one-half.”

That’s all she wrote. Either you knew or didn’t know that the Xbox One X lacks the fidelity of a top-notch gaming rig. But if you wanted that kind of power, you probably would have saved a bank’s worth of money. What are your thoughts on Bishop’s evaluation? Comment down below.