Microsoft Motivates People to Get Married with Xbox One S Ad

Gaming and Weddings in the Same Imagery

Here’s something you don’t see every day, but it looks like Microsoft is taking the next step…in their marketing. Actually, I don’t know if this was Microsoft’s idea or not, but they were obviously involved. Apparently, anyone who purchases a wedding ring at a particular outlet will get a free Xbox One S.

Xbox One S

The advertisement was spotted by Reddit user 116morningside. In their advertisement, jewelry retailer Helzberg Diamonds offers a free Xbox One S with any purchase of $999 or more. Thus, we have an explanation for why so many people are getting married so suddenly. That’s a joke. I have no knowledge of marriage statistics.

Anyway, this has to be one of the most peculiar Xbox advertisements we have seen thus far. But if it helps put the brand name out there, wouldn’t you do the same? And if you happen to be on the market for a wedding ring—first off, congratulations—you may find your preferred deal with Helzberg Diamonds. Why not obtain a complimentary Xbox One S with your life-long commitment? At least one of them will last you a while.

What are your thoughts on this Xbox One S advertisement? Too far or do you think it’s great to go with whatever works? Comment down below.

Top Reddit comments

  1. P7AC3B0: “If I have to get married I better at least get an X out of it!”
  2. KaneRobot: “How about a second controller for whoever you’re giving the ring to?”
  3. ChequeBook: “Just shows how much profit there is in diamonds.”