Got a PS4 for Christmas? Here Are 20 Essential Games & Accessories to Start With

PS4 Game Deals: Get these top game titles and cool accessories for your new console (and save big)

Got a shiny new PS4 or PS4 Pro over the holidays? Or maybe even a PlayStation VR (you lucky dog!)? Well, remember that with great (gaming) power comes great responsibility, and you have a responsibility to use that new console to its fullest potential. Now don’t panic: we have a list of the best PS4 and PSVR titles, all of which are on sale right now – Assassin’s Creed Origins at $10.00 off, Skyrim VR for just over $50.00, and Call of Duty WWII for $10.00 less than usual. Your mission is clear – don’t miss out on these awesome PS4 game deals!

ps4 game deals

PS4 Game Deals – Accessories:

That might be it for our PS4 game deals for today, but we aren’t done yet! Check back for our upcoming Xbox One deals and our PC gaming deals. The savings never stop, even after the holidays!