Play Ubisoft’s For Honor in 4K Today with the New Xbox One X Patch

Battle with Enhanced Resolution and Effects

More beautiful games for the powerhouse console. Ubisoft has officially released a 4K patch for their competitive multiplayer experience, For Honor. The developer’s Twitter account broke the news yesterday, and today we have the details.

For Honor Rumor

For Honor follows a big lineup of Ubisoft games making the jump to 4K. We have Assassin’s Creed OriginsSteepTom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, and there are more game enhancements on the way. Below, you’ll find the patch notes for  1.16 of For Honor. Though they aren’t long, the visible changes to the game are massive. Not only has the resolution increased but many effects have been improved: better water reflections, better textures, and immersive shadows.

4K Rendering
Xbox One X graphics are rendered at 4K. This will bring you a much sharper image on a 4K TV. We are using a real-time variable resolution (up to 4K-2160p) coupled with hardware scaling that output to TV resolution. With the scaling, even lower resolution HD TV’s will notice a better overall definition.
Improved shadow resolution
Shadows on Xbox One X will have a better definition.
Improved level of detail distances
Far away environment objects will be rendered with a higher definition.
Improved water using Screen-Space Reflections
Many water surfaces will now show dynamic reflections.

Last month, For Honor entered Season 4 of its Faction War. The game peaked in content with its largest assortment of maps, classes, and loot. Safe to say the game improved immensely post-launch, witnessing multiple free trial periods. There may be another one in due time. But if you have an Xbox One X, you have the most to gain from jumping into the fray.