A Ton More Loot Box Items Coming to Overwatch Soon

More Loot Box Swagger and Fodder

Everyone has become well-acquainted with Overwatch and its loot box system. You can have no expectations and still be disappointed, but don’t worry, that will continue to be the case. When asked about new items coming to the game, director Jeff Kaplan said there won’t be a long wait.

overwatch uprising seasonal event

Overwatch isn’t running out of content anytime soon. We’ve still got new maps and characters for years to come, presumably. Where the rewards system is concerned, Kaplan revealed that there will be more items added to the pool of loot box drops.

Our most recent content drop came in the form of Moira, an evil witch scientist that drops more spirit bombs than Goku. Along with great skins, she also came with the usual miscellaneous items like sprays, emotes, and speech. In January, Blizzard is dropping a major update that delivers new character skins taken from other Blizzard properties. Every time Blizzard drops new skins, however, they always deliver tandem packaged of all the aforementioned items. Naturally, this maintains the flow of the in-game economy.

Kaplan answered a recent fan question with the following:

“We have a ton of new content coming. Not only are there some really awesome items coming for upcoming events, early next year we’ll be adding *a lot* of new items to the base loot box.

“You don’t have long to wait!”

Also worth noting is that Blizzard hasn’t yet announced new content for Overwatch‘s Winter Wonderland, the Christmas-themed event we saw last year. We could see new and returning skins. Again, new skins entail more items that are not skins; but it’s more content, which is fantastic.

Check back for official Overwatch updates as we enter the month of December. Guaranteed, there will be more.

Happy gaming.