Sony Reveals Megalith, a Brand New Hero Shooter for the PlayStation VR, at Paris Games Week 2017

Megalith, A New Hero Shooter, Is Coming to PSVR

If you’re a fan of VR, you’ve surely been waiting for a sweet new lineup of games and Sony did not disappoint during their pre-show at Paris Games Week. Megalith, a brand new hero shooter, has just been revealed and it’s the first title from the studio Disruptive Games.

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Megalith is set to be an action-packed hero shooter, similar to that of Overwatch or Quake Champions outside of VR. Disruptive Games is made up of a team of veteran developers, with many of whom have come from Insomniac Games.

The announcement of the new VR title came with a cool trailer, showing off vast landscapes and a weird monster looking down at its hands. As you can see from the trailer below, it is all cinematic, with no gameplay revealed as of yet.

The idea behind the game seems to be that you want to transform your character from a powerful titan, to an almighty God. This is likely done by killing other players. I guess we’ll all find out together when more details are released. What’s interesting is that hero shooters have become widely popular within the gaming community, although until now, there hasn’t been anything similar in the VR genre.

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