Sony Is Publishing a New Game on the Nintendo Switch

It All Starts with Tiny Metal on Switch

Sony has revealed a new indie title that will make its way to the portable console. Yes, they’re publishing a game on the platform of their long-time rival, Nintendo.

PlayStation Switch

As reported by EurogamerTiny Metal is the indie strategy game being delivered to Nintendo Switch via Unties. Unties is a new publishing label just announced by Sony. That said, titles that fall under the umbrella of this particular publisher will be designed for PlayStation 4, PSVR, PC and—surprisingly—Nintendo Switch.

While Unties provides a link between Sony and Nintendo, it looks like the publisher’s portfolio will solely involve indie games. But this just means more indie titles will gain recognition and establish themselves on as many platforms as possible. If Tiny Metal provides a sampling of what’s to come, then the publisher’s future looks promising.

As for what prompted Sony’s formation of a new label, the company wrote the following:

“The name ‘Unties’ comes from the thought ‘to unleash the excellent talents of unique game creators all over the world’ and ‘setting creators free from the various shackles of game publishing, named from the intention of realising publishing that is freedom of production without restraints.'”

Unties’ list of published games includes 3D action title Last Standard, Merkava Avalanche, Deemo Reborn for PS4 and PSVR. Tiny Metal arrives Autumn 2017 Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, Windows, and Mac. Stay tuned for updates as time goes by.