LawBreakers is Dropping its Biggest Update for Major Changes

BossKey Brings Ranked Play and Balances

The folks over at BossKey productions are gearing up for their “All-Star Update” this week. That’s right, new content and changes are coming very soon and here are the highlights.


According to the latest dev update, LawBreakers will be getting a ranked play in the form of “Boss Leagues.” It is entering Season 0 for players to test and to make sure it reflects the “competitive spirit” of the game. And in Boss Leagues, we’ll have three modes: Blitzball, Uplink, and Occupy, each one supporting different maps. You may learn more in the video below.

At long last, LawBreakers is also getting a tutorial. New players can now test the waters before entering the blitz, and BossKey recommends players participate before entering PvP. No more improv.

Further, LawBreakers will receive a new map called Gateway. This one is entirely themed after Blitzball, environing players with that stadium feel. The team went further, however, by adding a variant map in the form of Redfalls Bloodmoon.

Where loot is concerned, new All-Star themed stash drops are being added to the game. Different decals, gear, and skins expand character customization options. Moreover, players are guaranteed at least one All-Star item of advanced rarity or above.

More changes include balances and tweaks for all character classes. The pace of the game may change a little since respawn times have extended and health regeneration outside combat now takes a little longer. More details will be available in the patch notes.

Lastly, BossKey teased their new Team Deathmatch map in the works. We may hear more when the All-Star update drops on October 19, if not later. Check back for updates as they arrive. And don’t forget, you can catch LawBreakers at this year’s Dreamhack and TwitchCon. Tune in for eSports.

Happy gaming.