343i Dips into VR with Halo Recruit – Gameplay Details Revealed

The Beginning of Halo Virtual Reality Games?

It looks like Microsoft is dabbling with virtual reality (VR) technology, launching their pre-order campaign for the new Samsung Odyssey. At $499, the new head-mounted display offers compatibility with all Microsoft PCs. But the biggest news in terms of gaming are the details for a VR title set in the Halo universe.

Turns out, none other than 343 Industries is helming creation of the Halo VR game. Halo Recruit, as it is called, represents their first foray into the medium. At first, it was an unlikely venture for the studio, but 343’s Executive Producer, Kiki Wolfkill, said the following on Halo Waypoint:

“I’ll admit it, when VR first became a “thing,” I was skeptical. [sic] The idea of putting on a headset seemed claustrophobic and the promise of truly inhabiting a virtual space felt far away… boy was I wrong. There are precious few opportunities as a creative team to get to explore a truly brand new medium – the mixed reality space is exactly that, and it’s magical. Here at 343 Industries, we are just starting to dip our toes into the mixed reality space but we are hugely passionate about the potential to truly explore and play in our universe with this technology.”

And because Microsoft wanted a launch title alongside their VR platform, we have Halo Recruit. Not long after the official announcement, gameplay details were revealed:

“It is a light introduction to the world of Halo and some of its most iconic characters… oh, and its weapons and maybe a Warthog,” Wolfkill revealed. “The point is, it was a chance for us to start to play with Microsoft’s amazing new technology and for you to get to stand toe-to-toe with an Elite (yes, I may have whimpered a little my first time in).”

Apparently, Halo: Recruit will be a five-minute experience and represents a collaboration between 343 and Endeavor One (a Seattle-based VR company). The game launches on October 17, 2017, and will be available exclusively on the Microsoft platform.

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