Streamlined Animal-centric RTS, Tooth and Tail, Out Today on PS4 and PC

You Can Command a Flamethrower Boar

Pocketwatch Games’ Tooth and Tail launched today for PS4 and PC. It’s an RTS game where you control a single commander issuing commands and building up an animal army to crush your foes before they can do the same to you. However, it’s more streamlined here as the buildings you create will automatically put out their units without needing a single click. The developers have said matches tend to last around 15 – 20 minutes.

tooth and tail

In a world ruled by animal critters, food becomes a central issue after the shortage of crops. Soon, the animals begin dining on each other, but they must decide who’s for dinner next. The game features a Campaign mode where you can choose to play as the leaders of the game’s four factions: Commonfolk, Civilized, KSR, or Longcoats.

As an RTS game about animal warfare, Tooth and Tail has plenty of fun with its units as you’ll control fox snipers, paratrooper-spewing owls, tanky moles, and more. Before the battle, you’ll have to select which units to use from three tiers. On the field, you’ll control a single commander who issues commands, thus, you’ll have to be careful when leading an offensive strike on the enemy as your commander will be on the frontlines. Besides that, the game features some procedurally generated maps to shake things up.

Besides online multiplayer, you can even to do split-screen couch play as well. Lastly, it’s definitely worth noting that the game looks pretty gorgeous with some fantastic pixel artwork.

Tooth and Tail releases today for PS4 and PC for $19.99.