Destiny 2 is Shorter Than Its Predecessor from Leaked Game Guide

GameStop Does It Again – Destiny 2 is Shorter in Missions

GameStop, why you trippin’, dawg? A leaked game guide shows that Destiny 2 is shorter in its narrative missions than the original. Also leaked were ALL the weapons, armor sets, and potential exotics. You want to spoil yourself? Go here. Among all this info was the mission list of the game’s campaign, which everyone from Bungie has been whooping up is better than the original Destiny.

Destiny 2‘s campaign spans 17 missions. The original Destiny contained 20 missions, not including any of the DLC after. Not bad, right? Only three missions shy. But you better pray that DLC has something good in it and they’re not just flim-flamming around down there. But what does this mean? Well, it could mean nothing – maybe there’s so many repeatable quests with enough reward for risk that players will go about their happy way until the next DLC drops. BUT if the DLC schedule is not rigorous enough, Bungie could lose some fans very quickly. Also pinning all your hopes and dreams on DLC is a god-forsaken money pit. Banking that players will open their overflowing wallets to you is a disservice to everyone. You feel cheap taking the hard-earned cash of a sixteen-year-old, who worked at Dairy Queen for five months to buy the core game, only to be disappointed.

Destiny 2 is shorter

September 6th is the date, friends. Where our rumors become reality. Destiny 2 is shorter, but will it be better? Time to find out.