SteelSeries Announces Sleek & Sexy Keyboard for eSports, Streamers, & Gamers

A Keyboard That Lets You Know Everything That’s Going On

Today, SteelSeries revealed the new APEX M750, a keyboard directly linked to Discord while offering the best in multimedia accessibility. Designers officially deem it ‘the complete package’ in terms of convenience. Hardware makes it extra durable, alongside per key lighting and SteelSeries Engine Apps.

If you want a keyboard that lasts, the APEX M750 may be worth looking at. Thanks to QX2 mechanical switches, it promises a lifespan of 50 million key presses. Furthermore, you receive guaranteed consistent gameplay. But if you really want a look into this slick design, know that it has an aerospace aluminum core. This gives it durability, stability, and a sleek, modern look. A fit for anyone who pays particular attention to their PC setup.

Back to multimedia functionality. As mentioned, the keyboard grants a direct link to Discord. Thanks to their partnership, users obtain real-time notifications from the service. And you’ll easily discover these notifications via the beautiful custom lighting effect. Speaking of, it lets you customize notifications, indicating new messages, mute status, and more.

As for the SteelSeries Engine Apps, they come as follows:

  • ImageSync is the easiest way to create complex lighting, allowing gamers to simply upload any animated GIF and automatically converting it into a customized lighting effect.
  • Audio Visualizer syncs the illumination on the M750 (and all SteelSeries illuminated products) with any music or playlist of the user’s choice
  • Gigantic, the popular strategic shooter, is now integrated with SteelSeries Engine, delivering real-time, in-game reactive illumination and haptic feedback across all SteelSeries-compatible devices

Yet if that’s not enough, there are more features to improve upon the gaming experience. For example, ‘PrismSync’ dynamically syncs multi-color lighting effects between the M750 and all other Prism-enabled gear. Additionally, ‘GameSense’ lighting provides immersive, reactive effects that respond to in-game events like low ammo, health and cooldown timers. That way, even if you’re not looking at your screen, you know what’s going on.

A gamer often knows what they want and need for a better gaming experience. If you’re debating on another keyboard, know that the APEX M750 costs $139.99. You can find it on Amazon if you click this link. Regardless of whether you buy it or not, let us know what you think. Are the features fantastic for the price?

SOURCE: Press Release