YouTube Policy Changes Removing Monetization from Excessively Violent Video Games

Some Switched up Policy Changes on YouTube Removing Monetization from Videos of Excessively Violent Video Games

Google is putting an end to payouts on videos showing gratuitous amounts of violence, demonetizing YouTube videos that show off gratuitous amounts of violence and gore. This new policy applies to all videos, not just those with realistic settings, so streamers who post their clips of excessively violent video games are getting he blunt end of the demonetization policy as well.

violent video games Resident Evil 7 Demo top screen

The YouTube policy change was addressed by a YouTube representative, who spoke with Polygon on the matters of monetization and how it’s supposed to work –

“Violence in the normal course of video gameplay is generally acceptable for advertising, but montages where gratuitous violence is the focal point is not,” they stated. “There is understandable concern from creators about what they can and can’t do.The biggest complaint from creators is that these five guidelines don’t give [them] enough context for producing videos. The new guidelines were designed to help with that.”

So, basically, if violence is the main theme or prime focal point of the video (or the game itself), gamers can’t monetize it, but occasional violence is okay. So clips creating mashups of all your best kills in Call of Duty can’t make money money anymore.

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