New Dark and Gritty RPG ‘The SoulKeeper VR’ Announced

Epic VR RPG ‘The SoulKeeper VR’ Set For Early Access This August

Step aside 20 minute VR games, The SoulKeeper VR is here to bring something new to the table; namely, a sword. HELM Systems has announced today the official release date of their upcoming RPG title The SoulKeeper VR. The game boasts some already beautiful graphics and what footage is currently available doesn’t appear to be the final product yet. The game looks to created an optimized experience for RPG style combat, a goal that so far looks very well met.

The SoulKeeper VR is set to feature all of the typical RPG tropes such as puzzle solving, dungeons, boss battles, and traps. Of course the greater focus for the game is on its melee combat and “hand casted spells” with the awesome power of VR. The game is set to shift with several options for comfortable gameplay, allowing players to traverse the game through a variety of means including controller-based locomotion, room-scale, and teleportation.

SoulKeeper VR

The SoulKeeper VR is set for Early Access on August 15, and will be playable through the Oculus Rift and Touch, and the HTC Vive. For more information, check out the games official website. The SoulKeeper VR was recently awarded the Unreal Developer Grant by Epic Games, with over 2 million store front views to date.

Do you think this latest VR RPG is going to redefine VR gameplay? or will it simply fall flat as another short lived experience? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

Source: Press Release.