Final Fantasy XV Major Announcement Coming at Gamescom

Final Fantasy XV Major Announcement Coming at Gamescom This Summer

Final Fantasy XV major announcement coming at Gamescom, prepare for more VR content coming your way this summer. In a broadcast today by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata and global brand director Akio Ofuji recapped their E3 showcase, and talked about their big reveals planned for later events.

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While at E3 this year, Square Enix opted to keep quiet on some of their big plans, they plan on releasing some “large scale” news over the summer. The lack of news at E3 might make it seem as if Square Enix has slowed down for a while, that’s far from the case. Hajime Tabata explains that the team has been hard at work sculpting some big plans for Gamescom. Although, at this time, we don’t know if the Gamescom news will only be covering the upcoming Episode Ignis DLC and multiplayer expansion, or if Square Enix actually has more in store for fans.

The Active Time Report also shed some light on their endeavors in virtual reality. Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV isn’t the only VR experience that’s been in development. There is at least one more that will focus heavily on battle related content. You can watch the full report in the video below:

Final Fantasy XV is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Episode Prompto set to release on June 27 on both consoles.

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