Nintendo Switch Sales Soar past One Million Units in Japan

Although Incredibly Hard to Get a Hold of, Nintendo Switch Sales Soar past One Million Units in Japan

According to a report from Dengeki data, although incredibly painstaking to get a hold of, Nintendo Switch sales soar past one million units in Japan. Since its initial release on March 3rd, production of the units has been severely capped, and Switches have been sold out in physical retail and online stores across the globe for quite some time. Even so, Nintendo continues to creep up in their sales numbers, successfully reaching the one million unit mark at 16 weeks on the shelves.

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In comparison, the sales for both the Wii and Wii U reached 1.85 million and 820,000 units, respectively, at the same point in their lifetime. Although not quite reaching the insane sales standards that the Wii had made by this point, their sales have far surpassed that of the Wii U, proving that the next-gen Nintendo console, although hard to get in the hands of the consumer, is making a big comeback for the company.

Just a few days ago, GameStop announced that shipments of the Nintendo Switch will be making their way into select stores, and will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis.