Take a Look at E3 2017 Crowd Reactions from the Sony E3 Experience

Take a Look at This Collection of Videos Showing off E3 2017 Crowd Reactions from the Sony E3 Experience

Once again, Sony Interactive Entertainment brought their PlayStation E3 Experience to the world so that avid gamers and fans across theaters in North and South America could join in on the release experience. In the E3 2017 crowd reactions posted in the videos below, you can see the pure thrill, curiosity, harsh-language inducing joy these fans were overcome with during Sony’s E3 Experience.

E3 2017 Crowd Reactions PS4 Exclusive Title God of War God of War

Although this year’s Sony releases still can’t hold up to the excitement unleashed during the announcements of their barrage of new games in 2015, which included reveals for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shenmue III, and, finally, The Last Guardian, there was still plenty of hype to go around for God of War, Monster Hunter World, Spider-Man, and more!

Although this is a collection of videos made by fans themselves, Sony Interactive Entertainment also published their own video showcasing the feelings of fans both before and after the show. They’re all included here!

Monster Hunter World

Shadow of the Colossus

God of War


What was your reaction to the Sony E3 2017 Press Conference? Let us know your thoughts about the presentation and the lineup of games in the comments below!



  • Fred Kaiser

    I love how they only show there reactions to the games that of course fans would cheer for how about you show there reaction after that VR game moss

    • RedEyeFilms

      I played Moss while we were at E3 and it was actually one of the best VR titles on the show floor. Writing up a preview right now of it. It’s going to be a special game. -Rory (COGconnected)