Female Overwatch Player Meets the Most Sexist Players in the Game

16 Minutes of Abuse and Harassment in One Overwatch Match

As we game online, we inevitably come into contact with toxic communities. But it takes a special kind of venom to stand out among the rest. And this time around, one dedicated Overwatch player found herself harassed online on account of her sex. Things like this are not uncommon, unfortunately, but this lasted 16 minutes, and it was so bad that she had to share her experience with everyone:

The video is here not for laughs (because the harassers aren’t funny), but because it highlights a problem within the gaming community. Glisa is the uploader and her video shows how the online experience can be on account of sex. Here are just some of the comments shared by her nice teammates:

• “Mercy, heal me. I won’t call you ugly again. Just kidding, you’re probably ugly.”
• “I like how this Mercy’s trying to heal me because she wants me.”
• “I’m assuming Glisa’s setup is in her kitchen — as you know, she is a woman.”
• “We honestly lost because we had an e-girl on our team”
• “Can you stop talking please?”
• “I don’t care, post about it on Tumblr, you sexist.”
• “I like Americans because they’re good at raping people.”
• “This isn’t sexual harassment, this is gender equality.”
• “You’re a woman, do you even have a right to give your opinion?”

Around the 3:45 mark, Glisa speaks up for herself, and things just get worse from there. As you’ll note, player Acayri isn’t doing the character of Hanzo any favors by leading the verbal assault. Nothing Glisa says can stem the tide of sexism and haterade. At least one other teammate, the Soldier 76, steps in to say something at the 6:30 mark:

“Do you guys actually care about winning or do you just want to troll?”

No dice, though.

None of the terrible comments during this Overwatch competitive match seem even remotely warranted. We all like ourselves a bit of fun; it’s why we play games, but when a YouTube comments section comes to life before your eyes, you would also feel compelled to record for posterity.

Unsurprisingly, further down the line, the trolls talk more sexist nonsense:

Acayri: “Why do the female humans always play the female characters? Like, they’re always playing Mercy.”

Joel: “They can’t play games and be good at them.”

Aycari: “That’s true, so they just pick the hottest girl characters.”

Overwatch Screen

In the end, it seems Glisa wasn’t phased by the ordeal. Maybe because she’s used to it (still not a good thing). Despite the fact that they’re team lost (unsurprisingly), she was probably just happy to leave.

Have you ever experienced this kind of ordeal online? Was it Overwatch? Comment down below; we’d like to learn more. And we’d like to know your thoughts on this video. Until next time.

Happy gaming… hopefully.


  • Lee

    It’s pathetic. And as usual, nothing will be done. Reported and proven abuse should face an IP ban. First a warning, second time 3 months, third 6 months, final time permanent. If that fails then they should face the courts and judicial system like everyone else would if this was in public.
    My sister has had many an insult and even genitalia pics sent in messages.

    • Aaron blanchard

      Judicial system for insults and vulgar language?? Yeah sure, photos are one thing, but verbal abuse should be against the law?? It’s idiotic people such as yourself who are destroying our freedoms in our games with your pathetic resistance to words. Play Splatoon on Wii u or don’t play online unless you make the multiplayer party by invite only. There are ways to filter out all the garbage and play the games. Turn off messages and turn off chat. I think your late for your Antifa meeting you wannabe cop. How can you be so lame?? If someone calls you down in the middle of the street, where in the world would that result in an arrest anyway? Liberal snowflakes like you are truly, truly pathetic. Hey, idea for you. Flag this comment, grab your play dough, and maybe you’ll be able to handle this comment. Keep the phone close, in case 911 is needed.

      • Lee

        Interesting comment. You want the freedom in games to be racist and sexist and everything else? One of the comments was that “Americans are good at raping people”.
        I think you’ll find that if you did spew sexist abuse in the street, and it was proven, you would be arrested in most countries.
        I find it more disturbing you can’t even capitalise your own username? Difficult I know.
        Also, I ignore anyone with a brain who can’t handle the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.
        Go home keyboard warrior, “your” dumb.


        “Freedoms in video games……” HA!!!! You do realize that freedom of speech does have its “stipulations” right??

        “If someone calls you down in the middle of the street???” What the hell does that mean?? Are you saying…if someone calls you out from down the street??

        What are you? Some sort of wannabe gang banger? Seriously? Get over yourself and fight your own battles.

        You’ll be hard pressed when you go ahead and do some dumb shite (which I am certain you will) and you need that “911” and they just tell you they’re busy because gang bangers don’t need that shite.

        Rock on with your messages man. Keep that negativity flowing along and maybe you will choose the right path for us all and just end what sounds like a horrible and miserable life….

        Have a wonderful day.

  • And where is sexism?

  • Limit Break

    …Please stop…
    Just stop posting articles like these… The more you do it the more it is going to happen. Just stop…

  • Admirateur

    :)) those kids should do some chores.

  • TwoLiterSoda

    As a woman gamer and twitch steamer this happens to me on a daily basis especially when I play For Honor, guys hate losing to a woman I guess haha. It’s very sad that these idiots thinks it’s OK to act like this because they’re hiding behind a screen. Ugh, BS like this only gives gamers an even worse image.
    It doesn’t phase me, I do not even acknowledge it, but I know for some women/girls it’s gotta be tough and that breaks my heart.

    • J.j. Barrington

      No offense, but what about the guys who can’t handle it? Does your heart break for them, too?

    • Aaron blanchard

      Awwwwwww. It’s so nice to hear a transgender woman stick up for the female gaming community who want nothing but positive comments while shooting someone in the face. Good for you, dude. Oops, sorry. Good for you dudette. I’m always sure to ask every female gamer, “Are you ok?Didnt mean to kill you”, after removing their limbs from their neon pink body.

  • Migi

    Compared to the abuse i’ve had thrown at me this is pretty tame. It’s kinds ridiculous that because its a woman it get’s special attention. Here is a simple life lesson, toughen up or get out!


    Just a bunch of fucking idiots who will never get the pleasure of feeling a woman’s touch let alone understand one along with the appreciation of one’s presence while being in their company. A good woman that is….

    People need to understand that this interweb gives that understanding to loser plebs that they can do whatever they want. All in due time these losers (care not to call them people) will get their come-up-ins.

    Would love to have these people speak their minds in person. I along with all of my friends and family are ones who properly speak their minds and have no issue showing people the error of their ways. Especially if they prefer to get physical…..It is actually one of my favorite outcomes as I am damn good at a lot of it.

    Just need to let it go and slam that mute button on the mic……. I know it is difficult to get a “good match” in if you’re not always playing with your core group, but there is always a downside to most things and this is definitely one of them on being a gamer… Especially a woman gamer with losers that do not care enough about themselves to care about someone else…

    • Aaron blanchard

      It’s nice to have a transgender woman give their opinions. Thanks…. you’ve set us all straight. I’m so glad I’ll always have the touch of a real woman. Your mother has always rubbed me the right way😁. Also, just let her know that last time she was here that we used up all the KY jelly. So just have her bring another 3 litre container when she comes over next week. How is her hip doing this week?? Healing I hope… sometimes I don’t realize my own strength. Hey, look on the bright side. At least she’s still covered by ObamaCare.

      • COGconnected

        Hi Aaron, we’ve had run ins with your abusive comments in the past on the site and this is a friendly reminder that while you may think its ok while playing a game online, it’s not ok here. You’re free to speak your mind but let’s keep insults and pointless abuse out of the equation please.


        I am sure you guys did up that jelly. Assholes are usually a tight spot to fit things in and my mom likes to go big on her bitches, so hope you enjoyed.

        I am glad that you enjoy large toys and she likes giving it. Not to often there’s a taker so willing as you are. You sir should put yourself in films and make something of that talent you have.

        Keep on taking it deep and wide. Never heard someone speak so highly of themselves on here…..that might be some sort of condition you could get checked out.

        Thank you though for your two cents as you’ve aptly felt the need to share.

        Although you are a perfect example as to why this internet is a disease for most.

        You and your little pecker need to stay in that basement and keep away from everyone because I will guarantee you never speak that way to someone you do not know in person…. Guaranteed. I’d flatten a little pukes face like yours in a heartbeat and then I’d flatten your daddies face for fucking off and giving this world a glimmering chance at inviting a disgusting excuse of a human being into this world.

        Good day and hope you choose the right things to say in life…..

  • Rafoca

    They are certainly douches not only to women. I know this type

  • J.j. Barrington

    I want to say I get it, but I don’t.

    Who was writing articles about my run-ins with folks calling me racist names every time I hopped on Halo? Or all the times matches just turned into insult competitions when play Call of Duty?

    Just being honest, but this stuff happens ALL THE TIME. Not that I’m condoning it- nor have I ever taken part- but there’s nothing special about a female being targeted. The insults get changed up because her gender allows for it, but it’s no different than what men encounter online. Since they can’t talk about her small penis and missing testicles, since calling her a virgin would do nothing, they change tactics.

    This doesn’t warrant an article. Sorry, but it just does not.

  • Hvd

    why i will never play esports their communities are toxic on all levels.also its some ones opinion.but she went straight to the sexual harassment line which is what most women do.she didnt post what she said of course.

    this is nothing but some one giving a hard time to some one else you could have left the game any time.

  • Vulcanproject

    It’s trash talk. I’m not saying it is right but it is pretty much par for the course.

    This trash talk happens to be sexist, but this is how gamers speak to each other even in absence of women in a game. Your member is tiny, you’re stupid, I was with your mom last night and so forth but with increasingly stronger variations lol

    You can either segregate or try and focus your gaming efforts with proper friends, because it isn’t something I forsee being quickly eradicated

  • MyBodyIsReady

    This video is really old…

  • Aaron blanchard

    Lol. Can’t take the heat, get back to the kitchen!! Gender Equality is rampant these days and low and behold, females can’t take it. And just to point out, some of these woman gamers are not all peaches and cream. They can run their mouths just as badly as guys can but can’t take a little back. Sports of any kind, even E sports, are constantly enraging people enough to run their mouths and sometimes even get physical. She needs to play splatoon if she needs a safe space without harassment. Men get constant insults online, I wonder who’s writing about that?? It’s so sad that feminism and these SJWs have started to destroy our freedoms of gaming. What’s even sadder is these pathetic writers need to be so politically correct that they churn out garbage such as this.

  • Aaron blanchard

    Just watched the video. That’s absolutely peanuts compared to most games. She was in there looking to troll.

  • Shawn Petraschuk

    That’s just how it is playing online games – DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT
    She could have just left – SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO
    SJWs ruining our ‘freedoms of gaming’ – HOW DARE YOU BE EXPECTED TO BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING!?
    Stop posting articles pointing out abuse – BECAUSE CHANGE HAPPENS WHEN YOU IGNORE THINGS?

    I’m sorry, but the apathy and overall ‘it’s just how it is’ attitude is pretty pathetic. The gaming community is hands down the most toxic community in existence. The fact that generalized hate is considered par for the course and just part of the online experience is a bleak reminder that we’re raising a generation of degenerates with no idea what basic human respect and decency is.

    I get trash talk, honestly, but when taken to such extremes but when race, gender, sexuality etc get pulled into the mix it takes it further than it needs to go. If any of the comments here are an indication I shouldn’t be surprised though. A sad state of affairs indeed.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Your comment is as bad as the rest. Good job generalizing and not understanding the point.

      Of course, if you wanted to get the point, it’d be easy: internet anonymity allows people to be jerks. There really isn’t anything you can do about that. It isn’t just limited to gaming, and considering other communities actually come to blows(and killings)
      in non-anonymous settings, your claim of gaming being the most toxic is full of crap.

      Competition isn’t about basic human decency. It harkens back to our most primal of urges: survival. Here in the real world, that ain’t pretty.

      Let’s put it another way. When you go to a black tie event, certain behavior is accepted and even expected. Go to one of those swinger orgies in Europe, and there are rules to follow. Attend a golf tournament, and there is ettiquite to follow.

      Everything has rules and accepted/ expected behavior. Even if it seems harsh, or rude, or whatever. Join a competitive game of pretty much anything online, and expect to be verbally assaulted.

      That doesn’t make the people involved degenerates… in fact, that’s an odd accusation on the backs of the so-called “wussification” of America.

      Honestly, attitudes like yours are even more annoying.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Wow, so I apparently can’t be critical of you, while you can be critical of the rest of us as we comment.

      Well, whatever. I should be used to that, by now. You can’t question those who generalize with comments like yours. Not when it’s a “sensitive” subject like this.