Many VR Professionals in Recent Survey Disappointed By Slow Business Growth

More Than 500 VR Professionals Sound Off In Recent Survey

VRX Event and VR Intelligence recently conducted a survey with more than 500 VR professionals and found that “26% expected more from their VR business last year, but 46% of respondents said they saw strong or very strong growth”, reports.

VR Professionals

Besides discussing sales, the survey also highlighted which VR platforms were being supported. A third of the respondents reported that they were focused on mobile VR, another third were concentrated on PC and console tethered VR while the final third reported that they split their development between the two. Overall, it’s a pretty clean split between the three VR markets.

When it came to pinpointing the setbacks for the VR industry, the consensus was far more murkier with some disagreement between VR content creators and VR tech workers. More than half the VR content creators commented that the high price of VR headsets was still a problem whereas over half of VR tech workers such as hardware manufacturers and middleware creators argued that lack of content was to blame.

Other issues facing the industry included the lack of consumer awareness, headset size and design, motion sickness and headset usability. For VR tech workers, the two latter issues were tied as the least important problem. Similarly, VR content creators felt motion sickness and headset usability wasn’t a key issue to tackle.

In other VR business news, Wall Street Journal recently reported that Sony is investigating ways to take its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset to new commercial sectors as a “slower than expected” sales after its launch in October last year. Sony said that it doesn’t currently have plans to run its own VR facilities, but is looking to focus on getting its PSVR tech installed at public places such as theme parks and arcades in Japan initially.

It’ll be interesting to see if Sony’s proposed solutions may help offset some of the woes mentioned above.


  • Sefus

    clickbait, I wish you journalist would write something positive, instead of trying to kill a great tech. And what survey is it the same survey that said Hillary would win in a landslide?

    • COGconnected

      You can follow both of the source links below to the survey’s themselves. If it’s factual, it’s not really clickbait. Doesn’t mean you have to like what those facts tell you, but it is what it is.

      And if you think we want to ‘kill great tech’ you are def mistaken. We want it to succeed just as much as anyone else! We’ve had immense fun with VR and want to see all the numbers improve all the way around. 🙂

      • Sefus

        Why can’t you write stuff about how vr can improve like give some advice, you know when the first console like nes came out they didn’t have the great hd graphics or 4k graphics we have now, it was just 16bit pixals, I think what people where thinking is that vr was gonna be like we see in movies, it will get there eventually just not yet, that’s like going back in the 1980s and asking for ps4 graphics. write now we are at the nes days of vr, but in years to come when the next generation of vr came out we are gonna look back and see what long ways it came, just like we look back on how games started out as 16bit pixals and now we have almost realistic looking pictures, vr if we can help the tech it will go from what we have right now to something impressive in the future, we just have to be patient, and the tech will get better, maybe someday vr will get so good it won’t even need a headset