New SEVEN: The Days Long Gone Trailer Features Miracle of Sound

SEVEN Trailer Heavy on Sweet Guitar Skills and Violent Intrigue

SEVEN: The Days Long Gone is still quite far off, with not even a concrete release date to wait for yet. Thankfully we at least have some sweet new gameplay footage to scope out in the form of trailer/music video!

Seven: The Days Long Gone Top Screen

The musical duties on display here are split between Gavin Dunne and Marcin Przybyłowicz. Dunne is the creator of Miracle of Sound, a musical project on YouTube that specializes in pop culture tribute tracks. Przybyłowicz is a musician who recently did the soundtrack for The Witcher 3. Together, along with some other talented Polish artists, they have created the theme song for Days Long Gone, titled “Keepers.”

The song acts as an excellent backdrop for the action being showcased here. Fans of involved, complex RPGs and elaborate worlds have much to look forward to, based on the footage being shown. The game echoes The Witcher 3 in that both games star a lone wolf with a particular set of skills. The new footage looks good enough that the lack of a release date stings just a bit more than it did before. Check out the trailer below, and keep it locked to the COG for more details on Days Long Gone as they arrive.

SOURCE: Press Release