New Trailer for The Surge Heavy on the Limb-Cutting

The Surge! For All Your Slicing, Dicing, Limb-Cutting Needs

Rejoice, sci-fi Souls fans! The Surge has a new trailer available, and it’s delightfully visceral. Embedded below are two or so minutes of limb-cutting mayhem, with arms, legs and lives sheared away in a number of gruesome ways.

the surge feature limb-cutting

The sweet science of de-limbing on display isn’t just for show, either. Players will have to be careful about their choice of target, as “what part they dismember directly determines what piece of equipment they loot.” So, you see a sexy pair of metal exo-boots you like, just lop off those legs. It’s like shopping on Black Friday all over again!

New information aside, there are still many questions. Is the slow-motion on display a limited resource? Are there consequences to abusing this godlike power? How deep can you go down the crafting rabbit hole? The mind absolutely boggles at the murder-based possibilities in play here. Either way, we haven’t too much longer to wait before all these questions are answered. The Surge is being released on May 16th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders for the brutal Souls-style action game are open now through the usual retail channels.

SOURCE: Press Release