Deluded Kickstarter Launched in Order to Release Modded Smash Bros

 A Mod for the Original Smash Bros Means It’s Time to Dust off Your Old N64

Modding can be a tough job, something many people do at their own expense. You will find hobbyists, artists, and philanthropic individuals who, somehow, make the games we love even better. But you’d be hard-pressed to say the same about modder Aaron Camara, whose latest project involves re-releasing an enhanced version of Nintendo original Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo NX is coming in 2017

Camara’s Kickstarter goal is $10,768 and is not shady in the least. As a matter of fact, he declares as much in his FAQ. Legitimate. So now’s the time to take out the Nintendo 64 you have laying around because we’re about to witness a comeback. Not only shall we see a less buggy version of Super Smash Bros, but twelve more characters added to the roster.

That’s right. Not only will Camara face copyright infringement for Nintendo characters but several others as well. These include, but are not limited to, Conker, Banjo Kazooie, and Rayman. Hence why the name of the modded game isSuper Smash Overload, because of the impending overload of injunctions.

“If you support us it’s really important you know that you are not giving us money in exchange for anything in particular,” says Camara on his Kickstarter page. “We hope you’ll support us because you believe in our work as modders.”

Look at those Kickstarter profiles smacking that gif. This way gamers know who deserves credit for the masterpiece at hand. Any modders who try to steal the concept of Smash Overload must be unethical. Last year alone, Nintendo killed over 500 passion projects that incorporated their properties. However, we have an obvious exception here.

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