CNN Takes to Blaming Video Games for Actions of Facebook Live Killer

Video Games Fall Under the Ax of Agenda

In one of the latest disasters of human behavior, one man has resorted to killing people live on Facebook – the Facebook Live Killer. We can neither get used to such crimes nor the claims often laid by news outlets. In their latest method of scapegoating and covering another news segment, CNN has taken to blaming video games for this heinous crime. And yet, the man hasn’t even been caught. Philip DeFranco posted the baseless accusation on twitter.

Again, as DeFranco says, video games have fallen to an agenda.

Reports say the man in question, one Steve Stephens, has actually made certain statements that may explain his erratic behavior. Among them are his losing everything in gambling and spouting the name of a yet unknown woman. There is nothing on record about video games. Nevertheless, CNN has imparted an association between First-person-shooter games and the actions of Stephens based on the sole fact that Stephens’ Facebook video recorded a first-person perspective. Then it was a bit of the usual: video games breed violence, etc.

Considering the myriad of other factors that may influence such behavior, this seems horribly superficial for a professional news outlet. As we have witnessed in this news story, anything is suspect but human volition. According to CNN, millions of Call of Duty players are potential criminals. Therefore, we should suspect a domestic insurrection at any moment.


Police are still searching for the Facebook live killer who murdered 74-year old Robert Godwin in Ohio and claimed to murdering about a dozen more.

Undoubtedly, if the suspect is not mad, there is a real reason for these crimes. Murder has been around considerably longer than video games. That is just one reason they can’t be compared. Let us know your own thoughts on this latest scapegoating from CNN. Happy gaming, and stay safe.



  • BrewGuy1

    It is amazingly irresponsible, not to mention unethical, for that person to start blaming video games as a reason for this terrible crime – especially before the person is caught and possibly more information can be obtained. Instead he just decides to push his own agenda, inexplicably pinning the blame on violent video games with absolutely zero evidence to back up his statements.

    I’m all for parental responsibility when it comes to violent games, and gaming age restrictions should be enforced way more than they are, but this guy is so out of touch with reality, it’s mind-boggling.

  • Edward R Cover

    hate CNN

  • Brian Anderson

    He Is totally right. It’s a known fact that genghis khan and vlad the impaler were notorious video game players who got bored of it and decided to try the real thing instead