New Call of Duty Game Being Made by Candy Crush Developer

Candy Crush Developer King to Make A Call of Duty Mobile Game 

Soon after news broke that there is a huge Call of Duty cinematic universe underway, it appears that the franchise is continuing to head in usual directions, to say the least. According to the company’s website, Candy Crush developer King announced that it is developing the next Call of Duty game for the franchise.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered top

The game will be for mobile, and King’s goal is “to create a Call of Duty experience on mobile that will strive to transform the best console experience fans know and love, while also breaking new ground for mobile and redefining the genre.” This upcoming game is not the first of the franchise to be developed for mobile, as Activision has previously released titles such as Call of Duty: Strike Team, Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies, and Call of Duty: Heroes.

The hiring is for King’s studio in Sweden for four positions: art director, senior systems designer, level designer, and senior UX/UI designer. Activision Blizzard acquired King Digital Entertainment in 2015 for $5.9 billion, a testament to the enormous financial success of its most popular game, Candy Crush. The next main entry in the Call of Duty franchise is rumoured to go back to series roots in WWII, with leaked box art suggesting a return to the beaches of Normandy.