Ubisoft Gets Serious with For Honor AFK Farming Ban – Total Soars to 1500 Players

Ubisoft Slams the Ban Hammer on 1,500 Players for For Honor AFK Farming – 4,000 More to Come

Ubisoft is seriously slamming down the ban hammer in For Honor, with the total player count ban reaching 1500 specifically for For Honor AFK Farming, which is a big no-no. Last week, Ubisoft had no problem letting the community know that there was a huge AFK farming problem in their game, and they were about to solve it.

For Honor AFK Farming Top Screen MIN

To put the situation into simpler terms, these players that were AFK farming were tricking the game into thinking that their character was actively playing, but they weren’t actually playing it and still earning the rewards involved in doing so.

Their first round of bans have gotten a 3-day ban as a warning for AFK Farming, and the next round is scheduled to total 4,000 players if people don’t start taking the ban seriously. If you’re one of the said farmers who’s been banned, they’ll be sure to send you an email detailing your offenses.

How tough will Ubisoft be on repeat offenders, though? We actually have no idea, but their player base seems to be dwindling, especially on the PC front, so the possibility of a permaban isn’t likely. However, they have announced that they will be addressing the gear matchmaking issue in the near future.

How do you think Ubisoft should address the ban and what do you think they could do to improve For Honor‘s current issues? Let us know in the comments below!