Erotic Soul Worker Cosplay Is Breathtaking and 100% Hot

Soul Worker Cosplay Features Korean Cosplayer ​Tasha

We here at COGconnected are big fans of cosplay. Every weekend we try to show you some of the best cosplay from around the web. Whether it’s Witcher 3’s “Horny Goat Woman” (check out those images here) or some amazing Witcher 3 Morenn Cosplay we make a concerted effort to share with you the best cosplayers from around the world. Last weekend we posted some fantastic Final Fantasy XV Cindy cosplay and this week we are back again with some sizzling Soul Worker cosplay. Check out the first image here:

Soul Worker Top

As you can see, this is AAA cosplay. South Korean cosplay team Spiral Cat has released another Soul Worker cosplay by Tasha, featuring Poison, a boss character in the game. Check out more images:

Soul Worker Pic

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