UnDungeon Funded, Only 12 Hours Left to Reach Stretch Goals

With UnDungeon Funded, Only 12 Hours Remain to Reach Stretch and Console Goals

Kickstarter backers successfully promised UnDungeon life by funding the game to its completion… and more. With Undungeon funded after a very lucrative crowdfunding campaign brought them a total of nearly $100,000 ($96,276 at the time of this publication) of their $53,207 goal, only a little over 12 hours remain to fund the project, and there’s only one stretch goal left to hit before they start to tackle their console goals. If their console goals are reached, they’ll be bringing the pixel art Action/RPG to home console platforms, starting with XBox One and working its way to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita consecutively.

undungeon funded

They’ll most likely be solidifying that next stretch goal once they reach the $100,000 mark, and from that point on, it’s all console unlocks! So if you really want this game on your home console, now is the time to donate, because you don’t have much time left! You can see their full list of stretch goals and all the cool content that’s in store for the indie title on their Kickstarter page!

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