For Honor Launch Trailer Commences the War Between Factions

The Day has Finally Arrived, and Players Draw the Lines Between Viking, Knight, and Samurai

Many have prepared for this day, waited, longed, and now its here. The various members of the Viking, Knight, and Samurai factions are joined in the battle of a post-cataclysmic world. Ubisoft is happy to announce their latest IP in the For Honor launch trailer, the game which is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Watch it down below:

While For Honor is a PvP-oriented game, we cannot for get that it has a single-player campaign. Any player can test their mettle in the three-way war before undertaking the gauntlet against other players. Also, know that this is also a skill-based game. A player well-versed in their class will perform well against others. The more you know about each class, the better your chances of success in multiplayer.

Choose between Vikings, Samurai, and Knights before entering the bloody battlefields. But if you haven’t played the beta, note that you can play any class regardless of faction. And if you have played the beta, know that Knight’s Lawbringer, Samurai’s Shugoki, and Vikings’ Valkyrie are now available to play. Upon getting started, trust in your allies will be imperative to winning games, so just make sure to help out fellow faction members.

For Honor Launch Trailer

For Honor really is an experience enhanced when you’re playing alongside friends. So if you have interested mates, more power to you. Get them in the game.

Now that For Honor is available, do you plan to pick it up? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Good luck to those who shall play online. See you in the war, and happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release