UK Apple App Store Price Jump Makes All Titles 25% More Expensive

Due to the Pound Weakening Against the Euro and Dollar, the UK Apple App Store Hikes up All iOS Mobile Titles by 25%

The UK Apple App Store saw a significant price jump due to the pound sterling’s weakening against the euro and dollar. While Apple is balancing the difference between GBP and USD, all mobile titles got 25% more expensive. Products previously priced at $0.99 USD on the iOS store are now set at 99p for UK consumers. Not only is Apple changing their strategy in the UK, they will also be making some changes to India and Turkey’s pricing model, with monetary adjustments set to be applied within the next week.

UK Apple App Store

This spike in price also applies to in-app purchase, including in-game items and DLCs. Apple plans on balancing the prices based n the exchange rate, taxes, and the general cost of business prices.