Fans Pretty Sure New Mario Toy is on the Toilet

New Mario Toy Launching at McDonald’s, Early Reactions are Skeptical at Best

According to an article from Eurogamer, The UK’s next line of Mario McDonald’s toys features a curious Mario toy.

mario toy mcdonald's UK

The toy in question features Mario sitting on a brick throne, ready to wave his hand with the touch of a button. Fans have interpreted this as an intrusion on Mario’s toilet time. Indeed, it does almost look like he should be surrounded by bathroom tile and a small porcelain sink. But then why is he waving? Either his fans have gathered to watch him relieve himself, or this is a head-float-of-the-parade kind of situation.

For evidence of the latter, one need only look to the Japanese ad for the toy line below. While it is tempting to see this Mario toy as a hilarious accident on Nintendo’s part, the toilet/toy connection seems flimsy at best. If nothing else, that is a terrible design for a toilet.

The toy line launches in McDonald’s all over the UK starting on January 11th.

SOURCE: Eurogamer