Overwatch Valentine’s Day Event May Be in the Works According to Voice Lines

Overwatch Voice Lines Point to a Valentine’s Day Event

Earlier today Reddit user Akhanubis shared some voice lines which are a┬ápart of the most recent PTR update on Overwatch. These voice lines, belonging to Mercy and Genji, seem to point towards an upcoming Valentine’s Day event. If it is true, this is something for Overwatch fans to get excited about following the recent and upsetting nerf to D’Va and Roadhog!

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Although not all of the voice lines are new, a few are, and there are three in particular that hint at a Valentine’s Day event. These voice lines from Genji and Mercy talk about giving each other chocolates. Talk about the romance! There is also a line for which Genji asks Hanzo if he would like some chocolates. The voice lines are available here.

With the success of the three previous events: Rio Olympics, Halloween and Christmas, it makes sense for Blizzard to give players yet another game change! While Blizzard hasn’t offered any official schedule for more events or content, they have made it clear that more is on the way. Keeping to this and starting the new year off right, Blizzard introduced Oasis, a new map, for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Considering the past track record of leaked information about events, it may be a safe bet that this Valentine’s Day event is happening. Keep it locked for any updates on this rumored event, and for anything else Overwatch!