Pokémon GO for Apple Watch Isn’t Canceled, It’s ‘Coming Soon’

Contrary to Rumors, the Pokémon GO Port for Apple Watch Isn’t Canceled, It’s Actually Coming Soon

Following up on rumors that Pokémon GO for the Apple Watch had been canceled, Niantic made an official statement to debunk these rumors and announce that the Apple Watch port is actually “coming soon”.

Back in September, when they announced that the phenomenal mobile application would be releasing for the apple watch by the end of the year, Pokéfanatics and techies all rejoiced at the news. However, with the end of the year quickly approaching, people got skeptical about the estimated release date being true and began to wonder it was still even coming at all. An article was even posted on a popular Apple tech-oriented blog stating that the project was completely canceled.

Well, in the form of a vague Twitter post, we got a confirmation that the project is indeed still on and will be “coming soon”.

pokemon go apple watch pikachu

Although they gave us no actual release date, at least it’s not totally canceled, and with the game’s port to Apple Watch, you basically get to play the game on a super fancy looking Pokémon GO Plus.