Amazon Digital Day Is Coming; Save 50% off on SO Much

We Know When Amazon Digital Day Will Arrive, and Knowing Is Half the Battle

The deals just ain’t done, not this month. Amazon has announced Amazon Digital Day ahead of its start time. A day where many of their digital products will be discounted up to 50% off. Meaning, there will be too much to buy and some indecision going on. “Over a thousand TV shows, movies, music, apps, mobile games, eBooks and more.” So save up those gigabytes and prepare your wallets, for it will be 24 hours of deals. And only 24 hours.

Amazon Digital Day

Amazon’s great sale shall begin on December 30, 12 AM PST on Friday. Their promotional page grants a glimpse at items that will be for sale. Presumably among them, games such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Fallout 4, Destiny:Rise of Iron, Saints Row IV, Skyrim, Cities: Skylinesand more that have yet to be revealed. No comprehensive list is available from the major company, only an apparent preview.

Understandably, many gamers have found many buys through other sources of saving. All this month, Steam, PSN and Xbox Live have been deal outlets, with some still going on. That being said, anything Amazon has in store has to be as good as current deals, if not better. So patience is probably key for the frugal gamer. Stick around for Friday. Happy gaming.