‘Root’ Brings Cyber Stealth Espionage to Steam This Month

Digital Tribe Games and Deep Fried Enterprises have emerged from the shadows to announce that ROOT, the cyber espionage themed stealth FPS, logs onto Steam and other digital distribution channels with a limited time 20% discount off of the $9.99 regular price. You’ll be able to log on and being monitoring your enemies when the game becomes available November 16th, 2015 on Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

In ROOT, you get to step into the inexpensive loafers of expert hacker Edward Summerton. Then, roll up your sleeves, pop your collar and brew a pot of coffee, because in this game you’re going to breach the networks of a mysterious and powerful corporation.

According to the game developers, during this undertaking of corporate crypto-espionage you will face many hostile programs, but your most dangerous enemy is the man who designed them. The Systems Administrator built the System from the ground up and holds immense power within the network. He will use the limitless resources at his disposal to prevent you from achieving your goal: total ROOT access to the System.


  • Accurate Guns
    Your crosshair is literally a dot. No reticule bloom, no accuracy cones, no B.S. Your shot lands where the cursor points.
  • Real Stealth
    No “crouch for invisibility,” you must tread softly and check your corners.
  • Boss Fights
    Be prepared for tough, end of level fights. Only truly dangerous enemies are satisfying to defeat.
  • Interactive Environment
    Objects can be moved, shot, shattered, picked up and thrown.
  • Adjustable Abstract Visuals
    The inside of a computer is not what you expect. Complete with adjustable color.
  • Old School Mentality
    This is a game, not a movie. You are in control of all your actions. No QTEs or long animated cut scenes.
  • Vaguely Witty Dialogue [On/Off]
    Listen to your companion, SHELL, ramble on about various things, which may or may not pertain to the story arc. Don’t care what he has to say? Just turn off dialogue in the options menu.

ROOT launches on Steam November 16th for Windows PC, Mac and Linux with a 20% discount off of its $9.99 regular price.

SOURCE:Digital Tribe Games Press Release