Top 5 Reasons We’re Excited for the Return of Spider-Man

The Top 5 Reasons We’re Excited for the Return of the Wall-Crawler

Think back to the last time you really got to enjoy yourself in a Spider-Man game; there hasn’t been a universally acclaimed entry for the web-slinger for quite some time. Sure there have been acceptable adventures, but nothing that everyone has agreed has stolen the show and brought the digital version of the wall-crawler to his true and glorious gaming potential. That is, until we saw the first announcement of the upcoming Spider-Man game, coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4. With the recent drop of the gameplay trailer at this year’s E3, we were absolutely blown away by what looks to be not only the most astonishing foray into New York for its amazing graphics but some exciting and innovative combat that is only befitting the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Here are our top 5 reasons we are incredibly excited for Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4.

Spider-Man will feature the titular character in his twenties as a more experienced superhero. Taking on the Kingpin in the early going’s of the story, The web-slinger must turn his attention to the latest threat to Manhattan – Mr. Negative. Including Mr. Negative as what appears to be the main villain also draws the question if we will at least get a tease of Antivenom, the latest and most powerful symbiote which only exists because of Mr. Negatives alter ego and split personality, Martin Li. Eagle-eyed fans will also notice in the closing moments of the gameplay trailer that Miles Morales (aka Ultimate Spider-Man, aka Kid Arachnid) appears briefly, with fans wondering if this was just a cameo or if he may have a larger part to play.

Spider-Man PS4 Top Screen 1

Also confirmed for the game are multiple costumes from Spidey’s extensive wardrobe over the years (Where does he keep them?) Spider-Man is expected sometime in the first half of 2018 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.